Choke Up Boston

Four best buds from Boston, MA.

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Track Name: Save
Tell me something forced and empty.
Just don't say anything stable or steady.
Track Name: Collar
Write my name on the mirror
and tax that glass a backwards, shattered scene:
on bathwater, we've got our traitor on his knees
and he's drowning my twenties.
So I've got my hands above his head,
we're shaking scared 'cause we're choking ourselves to death
on failed movement and discontent.
You gotta collar up and take what you damn well get.

And all at once it came and went like tidal applause from the audience;
that brief moment when the streets light up, but it's dark out now, god damn, it's dark out now.
Track Name: Glass and Taxes
I'm lying weightless against the racing world,
while all of the colors swirl,
and suddenly I'm tie-dyed.
I'm separating the paintings through backyard daydreams.
They're never as bright as they once seemed.
And all of my friends are in fast cars.

There's a voice in the air, impatient and scared, he says,
"I can't help you out.
There's an injured girl who wants to be a writer of policy,
there's a boy out cold who's gonna be a doctor someday."

All the world is waking up to find
the streets are overflowing with headlights.
And I swear to god I'm sober but I still pull over.
I come to on the highway and there's glass all around me.
Track Name: Stay Cold
Go it alone, stray from home. Until you build up that wall, they’re gonna hound your heart. Hold still, copper soul, you’re never alone. We all look over our shoulders, ‘cause up on the hill, the winds are coming in. Oh no, don’t lay your pistol down too quickly, swiftly racing horsemen are chasing those storm clouds back to you. Keep looking over your shoulder, stay on your toes ‘cause no one stays gold. You are the glass when they are the earthquake, you’re the pulse in a ditch, they’re the single-singing trumpet.
Track Name: Say Something
Oh the ambulance went racing by
with a belly full of disappearing lives.
And I was that medic, lighting up chests.
If I know your heart's beating, mine must be as well, right?

Vindicate the sirens, silencing my clout-
if I know no better then I know I'll have no doubts
about our pardon from glacial progression,
an entire life walked in the wrong direction.
If I see the flames, I best start fucking coughing,
'cause I refuse to burn without a mouth full of smoke.

And I smoked all the way back home.
Two feet timed their goodbyes with fading taillights.
Disarms were at my side.
The streets were cold and disappearing,
cowled collar facing gleaming, with every step receding flames.

If you're okay, I'm fine, but if you're lost, so am I.

All our stars rest with the doormen.

Oh, it's gonna break you straight down to shivers,
stay cold 'till it breaks you straight down to shame.
While the lines on your face grow deeper than rivers,
your impacted waves fade shallow and tame.
And no electrical current will remember your motives
or the places you've been or the weight that you pulled.
And it all boils down to the stars that destroy you,
the lights you're defined by that you'll endlessly turn to.